Thursday, November 15, 2012

Your Cruelty (Relating my works to Marcel Duchamps The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even and the Readymades)

Having had a fresh look at Duchamps Large Glass and the readymades which he tacitly connected to the Brides Pane, that of the Bachelors and the thin panel which joins/seperates them, I have forged/forced some parallels with the work I presented at flatpack in Your Cruelty. First of all, in the multi-logic narrative universe that I'm working in currently, the stand in for the Bride is on the bottom, that which takes the place of the bachelors and their mechanisms on the top (what's gravity got to do with it?). The Bachelors and Fountain, which he associated with them, are in the skyscraper-mountains, at the source of a flow, he should know, he's one of the main ones who got it going. The flow way down the line results in a flood, on the housing estate-flood plain, site of the Bride and 50ccs of Paris Air. The flood deposits an erratic, which turns out to be a multipede, the multipede enters into an amoeba and becomes its nucleus, it already has a vacuole. They travel back up river through the forest to return to the source of the flow. The forest, that interim zone, is both of their passages and a description of their combination and symbiosis. The readymade that Duchamp associated with their joining/seperating zone was the Traveller's Folding Item. I also associate Hans Haacke's Condensation Cube with this place. I know that the Large Glass was probably a lot to do with painting, but let's pretend that it wasn't. These zones and their seperation or combination have alot to do with our nature, the nature of our thought and perception, our capacity for creation...
All above: Ongoing Metaforms: An Iteration
Assisted Selfmade

Seedy Untitled (detail)
Seedy Untitled

Arachaic Latentice - which in hindsight I will simply associate with the sentence "Archaic arachnid; latent to the lattice."
I suppose there was alot to do with sculpture as place, and sculpture as object/subject, and similarly with narrative place and narrative object/subject. In a multi-logic (parallel logic?) narrative space, place and object/subject can be the same thing, or to clarify, the same process which is being described in terms of object/subjects is also being described in terms of place. These desciptions are necessarily different, and so in some way the resonant space between them begins to be defined, this definition need not be explicit however, which is nice.

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