Monday, July 5, 2010


I have just completed a residency and group exhibition at Ormond Studios.

The piece(s) that I made was/were called "...And Then The Objects Themselves."

This object is an innovation in twisted film technology; The Pillar! Spikes lead the eye up 'n' away, but the pillar contains the eye with a mid way focal point, it's probably golden section too, or some crap...

...and here another innovation; Multipedes!, with little bristle legs.

This is a, to scale, 3-dimesional teaching aid. It illustrates how RNA bonds Amino acids to make a protein, which is a frilly, chemically-active shape.
[Eat that Science Gallery]

As you can see the work was an Array, but also it was that little book... which for now will remain a mystery to thee, O whet secretes does yt hulde?

[Muchos gracias to Sean O Sullivan, all at Ormond and the contributors to the show, twas successful, I feel.]

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